Our New Location & discount offers

I want to start off by thanking all of my loyal customers for helping my business grow and sticking with me! I am proud to announce we have moved to a larger location in the heart of Midtown. It is definitely still undergoing “pawstruction” but I am so excited for all of you to come and check it out. Of course we are always taking new customers and would love for you to become a part of our paw spa family.  With the opening of our new salon we will be offering a special raffle to help collect for our new store decor. Ask us about purchasing a raffle ticket for a $1 and enter to win a free groom and hot oil treatment! You can purchase up to 10 tickets, the raffle will start April 1st and end May 30th.

We will also temporarily be offereing $1 off to anyone that brings in an old bath towel, whats old to you is new to our pups. If you would like to bring in towels mention it to Allie or Dave before you drop off your pup!

Stay tuned everyone because the new paw spa will have more to offer than ever before, from fresh treats, to doggy beach days, and summer play dates!

2 thoughts on “Our New Location & discount offers

  1. The only groomer my rescue Chihuahua/Terrier mix ever trusted has decided to stay home with her new daughter, and I’m desperately looking for another “traumatized dog whisperer”. Do you think someone there might fit the bill?


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